Péter Márki-Zay is a catalyst of unity. Building bridges among people, communities and countries is fundamental to his personal and professional life. Being a father of seven, he comes from a conservative Christian family. Before entering politics, he worked for multinational companies in Hungary, Canada and the United States. He achieved his first political victory in 2018, when he won the mayoral seat of his hometown by uniting the opposition against the ruling party Fidesz. It was a landmark victory that gave hope for millions of people all around the country. To bring his winning strategy to the national level he founded Mindenki Magyarországa Mozgalom in 2019. The movement quickly became a national phenomenon with thousands of citizens and independent politicians joining the organization. In 2021 he was elected to be the only independent prime minister candidate
during the opposition primary process.


The story of MMM is story of unprecedented growth –  against all odds. Our ever-growing grassroots movement currently has over 6.000 activists and our social channels have more than 100.000 followers – all ready to be the catalysts of change.

We are active participants of the communities we live in, and we are proud builders of our own communities.
Our national activist network is called Kossuth Körök with groups from all over the country representing the entire nation.
In April 2021, we took another step forward and launched our youth and senior orginazations. In May 2021, we go even further by launching our
three think tanks: Democracy Center, Anti-Corruption Center, Developmenet Center.